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Program profilaktyki nowotworowej w powiecie koszalińskim


Project objective: Reduction and prevention of malignant lung and bronchial, colorectal, rectal and prostate cancer, as well as the improvement of public health and limitation of social discrepancies in terms of health, in the area of the Koszalin province. The project goals include also the promotion of health-promoting activities, healthy nutritional habits and their improvement, physical activity and further improvement of awareness of the significance of preventive examinations.

Project description: Within the project it is planned to perform preventive examinations 3000 persons, including 1000 persons in terms of lung and bronchial cancer, e.g. laboratory and diagnostic examinations, 500 persons in terms of malignant prostate and testicular cancer, as well as 500 persons in terms of malignant colorectal and rectal CRC cancer. The project will feature three social campaigns: healthy nutrition, anti-nicotine and physical activity campaign.

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Important Dates

04.10.2017 r.
World Oncology Day
17.10.2017 r.
Cancer Day
24.10.2017 r.
European Obesity Day
19.11.2017 r.
World Day for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
19.11.2017 r.
Smoking Cessation Day
01.12.2017 r.
Days of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases
04.02.2018 r.
World Cancer Day
11.02.2018 r.
World Day of the Sick
01.03.2018 r.
Obesity Day
21.03.2018 r.
World Tuberculosis Day